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Jonah and the Whale

We saw this sculpture of a whale at Old Joppa/Jaffa with a plaque quoting the Old Testament versus about Jonah’s flight from God.

When I return home I plan to show this to my grandchildren and re-tell the story of Jonah, sharing with them that I actually stood by that ancient harbor where this occurred.  So surreal seeing actual places written in the Bible!

A whale fountain in memory of Jonah.
A whale fountain in the city of Joppa in memory of Jonah.

–Anja Pavlak

Sunset and a New Friend

We had just enough time after arriving at the beautiful Dan Panorama hotel for a quick walk to Old Jaffa and caught a magnificent sunset!
Joppa Sunset

And Barb found a new friend….
Barb Ott's New Friend

—Chip Ott

Jaffa Port: The World’s Oldest Port

Jaffa Port
Jaffa Port

Jaffa port is the world’s oldest still working port and the most dangerous port in the world with a narrow entrance and rocks at the entrance. This port is over 3500 years old. It is also where Jonah left to go to Tarsish instaed of bringing a 8 word sermon to the people of Ninevah.

–Ashley Wecker,
Navy Bus 2

Jaffa Port and Simon the Tanners House

Some of the photos of Jaffa port and Simon the Tanners House where Peter received a vision to kill and eat from the sheet and also raised Tabatha from the dead.

Jaffa Port
Jaffa Port
Simon the Tanner's House
Simon the Tanner’s House

Simon the Tanner's House Plaque

–Ashley Wecker,
Navy Bus 2

Egyptian Ruins in Joppa

Our hotel in Tel Aviv sits near ancient Joppa (think Jonah and Peter). In fact, a short walk down the beach will take you there. The Egyptians’ ancient rubble in Joppa reminds me that foreign powers all wanted to control Israel.

Egyptian Ruins at Joppa
Egyptian Ruins at Joppa

The Holy Land was the crossroads for international imperialism, war, and trade.

What a great reminder that we have to guard the critical points of entry into our lives.

—Wayne Stiles
Bible Teacher for Gold Bus 3
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