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Last Special Moment in Jerusalem

This afternoon five of us from Bus 2 took a couple of hours to do some shopping. As we were walking along The Promenade, our friend Jack Gilbert suddenly suggested we go into a jewelry store to look at some coins. As we shopped we engaged the kind attendant Elizabeth at the store. As the conversation progressed, she asked that we remember the people of Israel as we return home and how happy she was we had visited.

We shared with her our love for God’s chosen people and that many in the U.S. pray regularly for protection and for the peace of Israel. She got teary, and I felt impressed that we should pray. The five of us and Elizabeth formed a circle, and I led us in prayer for blessing and protection for this land and I closed as usual, “In Jesus’ name.” As we said amen Elizabeth enthusiastically exclaimed; “I am so happy you came in because I am His also like you!” I thought, how wonderful of the Lord to have led us into this store for such a time as this. We return with our hearts full and, as Chuck and Tom Hayes shared this week, praying for the upcoming testing that is sure to follow. May we be found faithful.

Shopping for in Jersalem
Shopping in Jersalem

Thank you IFL for the trip of a lifetime!

—Angel Ribo PA-C, MPAS

A Walk Around the City

On our free day, many of us had time to retrace our steps. The old city was a little quieter today and the city streets were empty. A great day to reflect on our time and to re-look at this amazing city… the Holy City… Jerusalem.


—Todd Turner,
Bus #1 Shepherd

The Herodium

View toward Bethlehem from the top of the Herodian
View toward Bethlehem from the top of the Herodium
A rainbow Wednesday morning over the city of Bethlehem taken from the top of the Herodium.
A rainbow Wednesday morning over the city of Bethlehem taken from the top of the Herodium.

—Sue Sailhamer,
Bus #4

Contemplating the Resurrection of Jesus

Although many hold the Garden Tomb as the authentic site of the death and resurrection of Jesus, the levelheadedness of history and archaeology beg to differ.

The tomb represents a typical 7th-century BC tomb. Because of this, it couldn’t be the “new tomb” the gospels record in connection with Jesus (Matthew 27:60; John 19:41).

Yet . . .

The “Garden Tomb” in Jerusalem.

Yet there is no better place in Jerusalem than the Garden Tomb to contemplate the central truth of Christianity’s faith—the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

“The important thing is,” the guides always point out, “the tomb is empty.”

—Wayne Stiles
Bible Teacher for Gold Bus 3
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What a Concert!

David Phelps in Concert
David Phelps in Concert

Tonight we were treated to an incredible concert. Mr. Phelps’ voice is so dynamic it will give you goose bumps. He sings with such passion and from the heart. Looking forward to the new songs he said he had written on this trip.

—Dennis & Karen Scott
Rose Bus #5

Tree Honoring Corrie Ten Boom

Tree Honoring Corrie Ten Boom
Tree Honoring Corrie Ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom is honored with a tree planted in her memory on the Avenue of the Righteous Gentiles at Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial for her and her family’s efforts to hide Jews from the Nazis during World War II.

—Susan Sailhamer

Bus 1 Heads to the Hotel

Bus 1 Heads to Hotel

Shepherds, guide, and bus driver meet in the evening after our travelers settle into the hotel. Each location and event has been carefully planned to ensure the safety and education of our IFL travelers.

—Todd Turner
Bus 1 Shepherd