The Jordan River—A Place of Transition

This part of the Jordan River has seen significant transitions in Israel’s history. Amazingly, the waters of the river parted here:

  • For Joshua, as Israel entered the Promised Land for the first time.
  • For Elijah and Elisha, as Israel prepared to leave the land in Exile.
  • For Jesus, the sky parted (not the river) at His baptism.

All in this same place!

Jordan River, near where Jesus was baptized.

The transitions that occurred there were sometimes national—as with Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, and John and Jesus. But the area also had its personal transitions—even conversions—as in the cases of Rahab, Naaman, Zaccheus, and Bartimaeus.

Be they national or personal transitions—or both—any new beginning also requires an ending. It requires leaving one shore and crossing the river for another.

—Wayne Stiles
Bible Teacher for Gold Bus 3
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