Getting to Know You

The Insight for Living Israel tour began with a delicious dinner and an opportunity to get to know fellow members on the tour.

Swindolls and freinds at the opening dinner
(Swindolls and friends at the opening dinner)

Dr. Reg Grant gave a powerful performance as the Apostle Peter.

Reg Grant as Peter
(Reg Grant as Peter)

David Phelps sang a rousing version of “How Great Thou Art.”

David Phelps at IFL Israel Tour opening dinner
(David Phelps at IFL Israel Tour opening dinner)

Finally, Chuck Swindoll urged us to experience this trip for all it’s worth.

This is the real thing. So walk a little slower. Talk a little less. Listen a little better. Think a little deeper. —Chuck Swindoll

It’s only begun, but it’s already a memory worth keeping.

—Wayne Stiles Bible Teacher for Gold Bus 3
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