St. Peter’s Square and the Roman Colosseum

Today on our Insight for Living Ministries Pre-Israel Tour to Rome we saw some marvelous historical places. Such history everywhere—sites both ancient and modern.

IFL Pilgrim before the Roman Colosseum
(IFL Pilgrims before the Roman Colosseum)

We toured many places famous in Rome, but two sites that stood out most the past two days were the Mamertine Prison where Paul was imprisoned and St. Peter’s Square (which is round, by the way).

The Mamertine Prison

Paul spent the bulk of his final Roman imprisonment in the dark, damp, and depressing dungeon of the Mamertine Prison. Here Paul wrote to his protege, Timothy, the book of 2 Timothy. I’ll never read that book the same after being here.

Mamertine Prison in Rome
(Mamertine Prison in Rome)

St. Peter’s Square

Most folks likely don’t know that almost all the Christians martyred in Rome didn’t die in the Colosseum. Instead, they were killed in the Circus of Gaius/Nero—the site where St. Peter’s Square now stands. The Egyptian obelisk in the center of the square is original to the circus, though it stood in a different spot.

Paul and Peter . . . what heroes of the faith! Faithful to the end.

St. Peter's Square
(St. Peter’s Square)

—Wayne Stiles
Bible Teacher for Gold Bus 3 (on the upcoming Israel Tour)
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